In addition to my various interests, I’ve always been a huge lover of sports, particularly baseball and hockey (well, playoff hockey for the most part; regular season games just don’t have the same intensity that you see in the playoffs). Between my American-born and baseball-loving mother, my European and soccer-loving father, and my two hockey-loving younger brothers, I was pretty well immersed in sports throughout my childhood and teenage years. I haven’t played any organized sports in a very long time, but I still enjoy hiking and cycling as a way to keep myself active, and enjoy watching sports and occasionally yelling at incompetent sportscasters for spouting one ridiculous cliché after another.

I also studied a lot of sports psychology-related subjects while I was in school, and found it interesting to apply everyday theories from social psychology to various phenomena in the sports world. I found myself with a unique opportunity not long ago, co-hosting an online sports commentary show called TalkingSports.TV, joining Toronto sportscaster Marty York. We talk about all kinds of sports-related stuff, such as the neurological correlates involved in “choking,” or “coming through in the clutch”, and speak with fun and interesting guests with a wide range of backgrounds. We have a lot of interesting banter from time to time, occasionally doing live shows at The Right Wing Sports Bar in uptown Toronto. Our show is currently on hiatus while I concentrate on “Sex Brains & Money”, but we’re aiming to do a few more episodes in Fall 2012, also on the Network. We’ll publish more details when we figure out a schedule, but in the meantime, I’m happy to just write occasional blog posts about various sports stories as they occur.

Marty York & Naughty Nikki, TalkingSports.TV – Live at “The Right Wing” Sports Bar in Toronto:

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Marty York & Naughty Nikki, TalkingSports.TV – “Choking” vs. “Coming through in the clutch”

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